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Balance First Workshops

The Jean Augustine Centre

The Jean Augustine Centre fo Young Women's Empowerment  is committed to building the self-esteem & self-worth of young women & girls by positively influencing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, & helping them to empower themselves.

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Trails Youth Initiatives

Trails Youth Initiatives' "Four Seasons, Four Years, For Life" outdoor programme builds confidence through skill development, high school credits, bursaries and mentorship. We challenge and equip vulnerable youth to become contributing members of the community. Trails has over 500 graduates. It costs $1.3 million a year, all raised through private funding.

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The BalancedArts Program

This program is for artistic expression, self healing, empowerment and to equip educators, practitioners and caregivers with tools to best support those they serve.  The art created by the program participants will be featured in the BalancedArts Collective collection to raise money for Trails Youth Initiatives and for the Jean Augustine Centre. A portion of their tuition for the program will also support the charities.

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