$1 Membership and Live Heart Balancing Mindful Art Workshop

$1 Membership and Live Heart Balancing Mindful Art Workshop

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For Empowerment, Balance and Artistic Expression 

 One Month membership for $1 to the BalancedArts Collective 

 $29 a month after 


Mini Chakra checklist 

-The mini chakra checklist is a powerful tool to understand which chakras are out of balance and need extra support. This tool is great for self assessment and to use with clients! 

Course Portal 

- You gain access to the educational portal and mini courses

- You gain access to the Chakra Foundations course and Healing 7 Day Practice Mini Course  

-Monthly events, workshops, classes and discounts on merchandise 

Share your Products 

-As BalancedArts Collective Members you have the opportunity to be a featured artists in the store! A portion of the sales will go to Trails Youth Initiatives and to the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment. 


Heart Opening Mindful Art Workshop 

Join me, Micah Julia Nelson in a Zoom workshop, focused on the Heart Chakra.

Learn about the Heart Chakra, the signs of imbalance and balance. 

Enjoy a heart opening meditation and Heart Chakra focused Art Workshop 


Course will be recorded and posted in the portal for members after the session.

  • This course is especially for caregivers, practitioners and educators.  This class is to support those who are in caregiving roles to find more balance, grounding and artistic self expression.  

  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Art supplies (suggested): 
  • Watercolour and acrylic paint 
  • Watercolour paper or canvas 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Pencil, eraser & pen 
  • Markers & pencil crayons 

An open mind and creativity!!